Saturday, November 14, 2009

This is the damage to the aluminum of the ceiling from heat. It will have to be repaired. If this as bad as the surprises get, I am happy.

Here you can see charred wire in the same cavity.

One surprise that I found was that the area around the heater vent has been damaged by heat. It also appears that for the most part that the insulation in that cavity burned, as it was basically ash.

A bunch of screws and brads later, the curb side and front of the observation lounge have been cleaned up.

Here you see the electric panel. Not sure if this trailer was manufactured on one breaker or if someone over the years moved everything to one side, but the breaker on the left side of the box was not in use and everything was wired to the right side. I am going to re-wire the trailer with a grounded system.

Out come the closet and bureau. Nothing too exciting there, just a lot of screws holding them to the walls that need to be found and removed.

To dismantle the wood walls between the galley and the observation lounge, the ceiling panel have to removed in both areas. Because of this, I moved into the observation lounge to start the process of dismantling in there. Here in this picture, you can get a good idea of the original color and finish. This area was covered by a mirror, so it was well protected. Now to replicate that when I get it put back together will be the trick.